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Civil Asset Forfeiture: 

Civil forfeiture laws allow the government to take cash, cars, homes and other property suspected of being involved in criminal activity. Unlike criminal forfeiture, with civil forfeiture, the property owner doesn’t have to be charged with, let alone convicted of, a crime to permanently lose his property. 

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Kyle was raised in South Oklahoma City and has lived most of his life in Senate District 45. He attended Eastern Avenue Christian Academy in Moore, Kingsgate Elementary in South Oklahoma City, Christian Heritage Academy through his junior year of high school, and graduated from Westmoore High School in 1992.

Kyle learned the value of hard work at an early age. He worked alongside his parents and grandparents as their family business grew from a corner shoe repair to an international manufacturing firm.

Loveless Orthopedic Appliance and Loveless Custom Footwear currently house a modern, state of the art facility with over 33,000 square feet in Oklahoma City. Kyle is currently the business manager but the lessons he learned sweeping the floors are still with him today.
While attending the University of Oklahoma, Kyle accepted an internship in Washington, D.C. with congressman Ernest Istook. Following the internship, Kyle joined the congressman’s staff, working his way up from staff assistant to legislative assistant—advising the congressman on legislative matters important to Oklahomans especially agriculture, energy and natural resources.

Through Kyle’s efforts, congressman Istook was able to secure the necessary resources to help the revitalization and restoration of the North Canadian, now Oklahoma, River. The economic development that stemmed from this project has created thousands of jobs and grown Oklahoma City’s economy by millions of dollars.

After returning home to start a family, Kyle immediately became civically involved. He successfully managing the re-election of Congressman Ernest Istook, Oklahoma City’s most conservative congressman through two consecutive election cycles. In the summer of 2005, Kyle opened Phoenix Consulting, a corporate and political consulting firm in South Oklahoma City. Since that time, Kyle has represented small businesses, chambers of commerce and Fortune 500 companies. In addition to his company, Kyle is still a vital part of the family business.

Kyle and his wife, Summer currently live in South Oklahoma City with their two young daughters, Isabella and Elleanor.

Standing up for our Values
Kyle Loveless was raised in Oklahoma and understands our conservative principles. As a senator, he fights to preserve our way of life and will always stand up for our faith, family and freedom.
Through his years of advocating for Oklahomans, Kyle understands the free-market principles that make our state and country great.
Kyle is proud of his Christian values and will always do what is right to ensure those views are represented in Government.

The Economy, Jobs and Spending
As the son of small-business owners, Kyle has seen the damaging effects of government overreach. Kyle will always fight to lower taxes, reduce spending and eliminate job killing regulations that halt our economy.
Kyle works to provide the opportunity and economic environment for good paying jobs for all Oklahomans. He does this by keeping the government out of business’ way so our economy can thrive.

A strong educational system creates strong communities, but Washington is not the answer. That’s why Kyle has always opposed Common Core in favor of local control of education.
Kyle is a staunch advocate of school choice. When parents and communities come together to support their students, it is the young people who prosper.
Kyle stands up for our local schools and supports more local control within the school district, because they know the educational needs of students better than distant bureaucrats.
Innovative programs that teach science, technology, mathematics, and engineering will provide our young people with the skills needed to succeed in society. Kyle is fighting to bring STEM programs to every Oklahoma school so every child has the opportunity to succeed.
Second Amendment Rights
Kyle understands that gun ownership is a fundamental right in the United States and will always fight against harsh gun control laws. Oklahoma gun owners have no better friend than Senator Kyle Loveless.

Protecting the Unborn
The right to life is guaranteed in the U.S. Constitution and Kyle firmly believes the right to life should extend to the unborn. Kyle is adamantly pro-life and this belief stems from his Christian conservative values.


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